Private Investigator in New Orleans!

The job of a Private investigator in New Orleans isn’t quite as glamorous as Sherlock Holmes makes it out to be. Because of the restrictions lifted, thanks to not being part of the government, Private investigators in New Orleans have more leeway in the kind of investigations they can resolve.

What a Private Investigator in New Orleans Can do is Uncover hidden assets. The law may prevent non-governmental agencies from accessing the bank records of private citizens, but there are a number of resources available to good private investigators to help them connect or trace hidden assets.

Surveillance. Not on private property, but all public spaces are game. This often translates to investigators spending countless nights in a vehicle, following a suspect. If you have a case of infidelity or child custody case that needs to be monitored, find a good private investigator.

Proof or Disproof Insurance Fraud. Technically under surveillance, only it might require expertise unique to certain private investors.

For whatever you need one, make sure your reasons are legal, and that the P.I you hire knows his/her stuff.

Private investigators in New Orleans